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iShoot 2 developer diary #1

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

With Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting out the door, it’s finally time to start work on iShoot 2 in earnest. We’ve been bouncing ideas around for a while, but real work on it didn’t start until two weeks ago.

Obviously with only two weeks of work on it and a brand new engine to get up and running, there isn’t too much working yet. And what is working isn’t ready to be subjected to public scrutiny yet. Still, we’ve gotten a lot done in such a short period of time — we can aim and shoot various cool weapons, and the terrain is in and blowing apart beautifully. Maps are finally bigger than a single screen, and scrolling and pinch zooming across the expansive landscape are working perfectly.

Most exciting to me, though, is the graphical improvements we’re going to have this time around. Here’s a tank from the original iShoot:

In comparison, here is one of the new iShoot 2 tanks when fully zoomed in (ignore the ugly solid blue background, skies aren’t in yet):

Weapons, explosions, the UI, and everything else are all getting the same level of upgrade. On top of the obvious graphical improvements, the engine has some extremely cool tricks up its sleeve that I’m not ready to talk about yet. Stay tuned…