iShoot is an artillery combat game in which tanks blast each other with a wide range of high-powered weapons, from basic shells and cluster bombs to the world-destroying Shiva Bomb.

The full version of iShoot includes 25 weapons, photorealistic landscapes, drivable tanks, and more money with which to buy weapons. Buy iShoot at the App Store today!

In addition to the infinite-ammo Mini Mortar, the full version of iShoot features the following weapons:

Sixgun Mortar Mega Mortar Dirt Ball
Excavator Roller Stinger Missiles Shotgun
Mini Cluster Bomb Claymore Giant Excavator Portable Mountain
Cluster Bomb Hellfire Missiles Great Wall Meltdown
Tactical Nuke Mega Roller U238 Penetrator Nuke
Vulcan Cannon Doombringer Grand Slam Planet Buster
Shiva Bomb


The iShoot Rule Editor

A short game of iShoot


iShoot Screen #1 iShoot Screen #2 iShoot Screen #3 iShoot Screen #4